February Competition

This month’s competition is on the theme of all things funky. By funky, I mean odd. By odd, I mean strange. By strange…well, you get the idea. Think genre. Think sci-fi, fantasy, pulp, noir. Think alternate worlds and random acts. Vague, you betcha! Pop your thinking caps on and get going. Here’s a few links […]

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Judge for yourself

As Zero Flash goes from strength to strength, we are being constantly surprised and overjoyed with the number and quality of submissions were are receiving. From this month on, the winner of the competition will be offered the chance to judge the following month’s entries. Said judge would not be allowed to judge their own […]

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A new header wanted

Hello to all those multi-talented people out there. Zero Flash wants you! Or rather, we’d like you, if you’d like, to fashion a new, temporary header for the site. No, sorry, no cash, but you’ll get all the credit and praise a simple flash fiction site can offer – a bio and link to your […]

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January Entries

The Potential Writer by Firdaus Parvez @firdausp When Little J saw a carousel for the first time, this is what he didn’t do. He didn’t squeal with excitement, neither did he clap his hands with glee. He just stood there with a bored look on his face. His Mother shot a glance at his Father. […]

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