April’s Logo

For the period of April, Zeroflash has gone creepy. Thanks again to artist, Sophia Johnson for her thoughts and styling. If this inspires you in any way, we’d love to hear from you.

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March Entries

Charlie’s House by Leara Morris-Clark (inspired by the prompt, but some way beyond the word count) Being back in the old house had me on edge. Sleeping was impossible. I was suddenly that little boy again. Dreams of the past flooded in threatening to wash away the man I had become. I tossed and turned […]

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March Guest Judge

Our guest judge this March is the winner of February’s competition, Jill Hand @jillhand1_gef It is our great pleasure that she accepted the challenge and will bring her talents to bear judging you, or at least, judging your work. We look forward to her verdicts.    

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March Competition

Hello again everyone. This month is a combo. We’re going for a bit of this: and a bit of this: https://soundcloud.com/nineteensixtysix/sets/music-of-the-sea-tracks-from-1 The idea is, take the image, pick a song and let your mind swirl. For those of you that follow the blog/twitter feed, you’ll recognise ‘Wolfie’, this month’s logo from Sophia Johnson. The musical accompaniment […]

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