May’s Logo/Art

This month’s piece is inspired by a story I wrote a little while ago and while I was happy with my writing, I absolutely adore this image. Thanks as always to artist-in-residence – Sophia Johnson.

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First Zeroflash Art Competition

This month Zeroflash wants your art! Well, this month and next. For those of you out there that want their works showcased and admired – that’ll be all of you I’m guessing, why not enter the Zeroflash Art Competition? We want illustrations, paintings, finger puppets, whatever. The only snag, they need to be inspired by […]

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April Entries

The Duck Incident by Cath Barton @CathBarton1   You wake around 2am. There’s a sound outside, a kind of creaking, then a clicking. Your senses flare and you realise it’s coming from the bridge over the stream. There’s someone out there, walking on the green now. A loud squawk gets you out of bed and […]

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April Competition

It’s April and we are now fully ensconced in Spring. So, time to get springy. This is the sleepy little village where my wife, daughter, dog and I live. Although, I suspect there’s something lurking behind those aged smiles and murky waters. What is it? Click here for a village panorama video. Let the inspiration […]

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