We Want Your Content

Here at Zeroflash.org we’re branching out a little – trying to get the written word out-there.

If you have content – a blog post/ article /whatever you think is relevant and worth sharing, send it to us.

We’ll give it the once over and if it fits-in with the Zeroflash mind-set, we’ll publish and promote it.

We’re after advice about furthering your blogging exploits, guides to better writing, personal stories about your writing inspirations, Top Ten Tips to avoiding writing-lag, expert knowledge in publishing, How-to’s (publish, write, etc) and more. 

600-1,000 words and if you are including images/videos/info-graphics/music – they must either be your own or tagged/referenced. Images of the writer are encouraged, as are personal bios that will find themselves onto the designated page. 

Include links to Social Medias, websites and more. 

Remember: If you contribute, there’s every chance your work will end-up as an e-book/printed publication at some point in the future. Knowing that, by submitting you agree to this and are happy for Zeroflash to reap the rewards (approximately 1p per download we imagine). 

Now…have at it!

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