November’s Zeroflash Competition

This month’s Zeroflash Flash Fiction competition is all about your wordsmithery. There is no visual prompt, but what we’re after is 300 words of character, conversation and creativity. Allow your skills with the keyboard to flourish. Tell us a story, without the need for placement. Scenes are not essential this month. If your dialogue is […]

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Where are all the Young Writers?

Everyone needs encouragement and none more-so than a fledgling writer. While art takes on many guises, it is writing that lays a person’s deepest feelings bare. It takes writers in some cases, years to muster the courage to show their work to family or friends and even longer to submit their work for publication. Finding […]

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Making Zeroflash Better

A little over a year ago I decided that I was having so much fun entering flash fiction competitions and other sites, heck, why not share the fun? I thought-up a name, created a WordPress account and social media channels and before too long “They came”. I imagined a site where the monthly entries would […]

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Flash Fiction Competitions

For many of you writers out there, the thought of entering a competition or even sending your work in to be considered fills you with dread. Many of you haven’t even considered allowing your work out of the top drawer or your PC’s ‘Writing’ folder. To that I say – Pah! It took me years […]

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