Best of the Best Flash Fiction Competition

Hello, Zeroflash fans.

Now, many of you are aware of our monthly flash fiction competition. Each month we post a prompt, themed around an image, video, music track, audio track or general idea. This has been and continues to grow in popularity. The winner receives £10 and an illustration of their work from Artist-in-Residence, Sophia Johnson.

We have recently passed the 1 year mark since the competition began and to that end, I will be hosting a ‘Best of the Best’ writing competition.

The winners – 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed from the previous months are invited to enter 300 words, with the chance to win £10 and the title of ‘Bestest…est writer’.

The theme is OPEN.

Entries accepted between now (September) and November 31st 2016.

One entry per Winner.

Write whatever your heart desires. I want your best work, written in your voice, a story told in a way only you can tell it.

I, David J.Wing (your publisher) will reprise my judging role and decide which piece is the overall winner.

If you do decide to grace us with your prose, there’s a good chance that at some point (probably a year down the line) we might use it in a ‘best of’ collection. So, be warned, by sending us your stuff, it will/might be published in an outmoded form called paper and as such, you accept this. Should this happen you will be offered the opportunity to buy the book at ‘cost’ + delivery.

Please send your stories to:

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