Flash Fiction Competitions

For many of you writers out there, the thought of entering a competition or even sending your work in to be considered fills you with dread. Many of you haven’t even considered allowing your work out of the top drawer or your PC’s ‘Writing’ folder.

To that I say – Pah!

It took me years to decide that I was ready to send my work out. But let’s be honest, you’re never really ready. Trust that if you like it, others are likely to, too. And if they don’t, there’re hundreds and thousands of sites and publications in the digital realm. Press ‘Send’ again.

Flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novelettes, novels and epics…there’s a home for all of it.

Write what you love. Write the ideas that force you awake at 3 am. Write your passion until your fingers ache and the winter cold freezes your feet.

Submit your work and above all, be happy – you are a writer!

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