Where are all the Young Writers?

young writers

Everyone needs encouragement and none more-so than a fledgling writer.

While art takes on many guises, it is writing that lays a person’s deepest feelings bare. It takes writers in some cases, years to muster the courage to show their work to family or friends and even longer to submit their work for publication. Finding one’s voice is a struggle that is forever on-going and changing. With every moment the writer is inspired by something that redirects His or Her direction. Formally set within a realm of third person narrative, they may find themselves venturing into the light and tackling personal issues that only writing and therapy can assuage.

For us writers, the worry is always that our efforts will not just be ignored, but moreover, it will be attacked, criticised and ridiculed. Like scientists with a a break-through, writers are constantly searching for an inner truth, a ‘proof’ which will complete us and stand the test of time. We dream of recognition, awards and a six-figure publishing deal that will advance us into that world of professionalism and away from the doldrums of day-to-day drudgery. But these things are secondary to our need to tell a ‘good’, nay, ‘great story’.

History is littered with stories of artists and scientists that lived their entire lives without the acclaim they deserved, but when we look back, beyond the veil and see the effect our work has wrought, be it on a single person or a nation, we will see a life not wasted, but a life lived well.

The youth of today are more tech-savvy and on the pulse than anyone else in the history of the world. Their ideas and eagerness is astounding. To that end I encourage all boys and girls, pre-teens and teens alike to pick-up that stylus, crack those fingers and tap those keys.

A story can be told in second, a minute or or a year. It’s your choice as to what you say and why you say it. Tell the world how you feel, what you see and how you imagine a life worthwhile.

We, your compatriots are her to support and revel in your musings. Tell us a story and let us share in your world too.

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