Best of the Best Competition Results 2016 – Zeroflash

Judged by David J.Wing – editor and publisher,

Over the last year and a half I have been privileged to start this flash fiction competition and through it, meet some of the most incredibly gifted, honest and thoughtful people I have ever encountered. Writers, as we all know, can be a precious bunch and in their insecurities their can often be resentment and bitterness, but the men and women that have made this competition their monthly home have shown none of that frustration. Their love for writing and heartfelt congratulations and joy at others winning is what makes this competition worthwhile.

Some, most of the entrants, when they have won have told me that this is either their first win or the first time been paid for their hard work, or both. As soon as you are paid for a piece of writing, you ARE a professional! What a feeling! What a joy! What confidence that creates. To be able to gift that sense of achievement to friends and colleagues is a reward greater than money…although some money is often nice.

This month saw the first ‘Best of the Best’ competition. Now, this isn’t the best of the site’s entries, merely the best of the 1sts, 2nds and 3rds over the year. But, my word, are these some talented writers.

Thank you all for being so dedicated, sharing your work, sharing your successes on social media and thank you for the opportunity to work with you all.

Happy Christmas and congratulations.


‘The First Time I saw Him’

by C.R.Smith



‘Upstairs, Downstairs

Lee Hamblin



Gary Buller

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