June’s Zeroflash Competition

Over the last couple of months we’ve been using genre as our inspiration; Sci-Fi, Horror – well this month, we’re taking a step into the realm of board games. Yep, you read it right. Think ‘Game of Life’, ‘Monopoly’, ‘Jenga’, ‘Candyland’, even ‘Ouija’, whatever inspires you. Just the one submission each per person, please. 300 […]

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May’s Zeroflash Guest Judge

This month’s zeroflash guest judge is Ben Marie, winner of last month’s competition. Wish his the best of luck judging the entries for May. Ben is a Western Australian enjoying the escape and creativity of writing after the daily grind, mostly short stories which always seem to turn out as either horror or humour. Also […]

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May’s Entries

He got out by Čolić Haris (Colic Haris) He was shocked from what he saw. The scene before him was horrible. There was so much blood everywhere, he could barley count the bodies. The stench of death gripped his nostrils with such power, he was forced to throw up. It took him awhile to realize […]

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May’s Zeroflash Competition

This month’s competition is a Science Fiction romp! I’m after 300 words of flash fiction hedonism. Action, adventure, heck, sorcery if you like. Cross genres; it can be romantic if you like, suspenseful, maybe even horrific if you’re still in the mood. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to make this month’s […]

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