Another new partner

Carrying-on from our last announcement, where we announced that Uprising Review will be providing the winning entry with a interview, now…there’s even more! In addition to the money, the illustration and the interview, Zeroflash is now partnered with Elijah Lucian to provide an audio performance of the winning piece. That’s right, you’ll hear your words […]

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A new partener

Over the last two years Zeroflash has been proud to be a part of the flash fiction community. We began with no prizes, then added a free illustration, then £10 and now, to increase the Grand Prize even further Zeroflash can announce that they are now partnered with Uprising Review. The guys at Uprising (@uprisingstories) […]

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July’s Zeroflash Entries

My Memory of You is Nicer than You by Anna Nazarova-Evans I can’t remember how it started, but I remember the end – it’s all around me. My memory of you is dewy mornings, lavender rubbed between my hands and a squeaky wooden chair by the garage that I used to sit on whilst you […]

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