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A Collection of Unsettling Short Stories: Leave The Light On by Jacci Gooding

An eclectic collection of 13 creepy short stories for lovers of the macabre, the weird and the ghostly. Have you ever felt you’re not alone – when you’re alone? Is it nature or nurture that makes a psychopath? And if you’ve ever glimpsed something out of the corner of your eye only to find there’s nothing there, then these stories are for you. Some are even based in fact – and as we all know, fact is often far stranger than fiction. Be creeped-out by modern-day barbecuer Dave, or Frank the internet addict. Shudder at ghostly whispers and beware the tempting Cornish countryside. And you’ll never look at a hen the same way again…

c'mon in..if you dare

At the time of publication, this collection had a 4.3/5 star rating on

5 star review:

Jacci Gooding’s book has the perfect sum-it-up title. The stories are unsettling and they conjure up images which make you shudder. If you like stories which keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the book for you!

If it were possible, I would never want to meet Jacci’s characters in any kind of alley, yet alone a dark one! If you like twist in the tale stories with dark edges, this collection would be ideal for you.

4 star review:

Unsettling? Definitely, but such fun!
An entertaining debut from a writer with a weird and wonderful imagination. I shuddered and smiled wryly in equal measure.
Looking forward to seeing more from Jacci Gooding.
Personal favourite? Betty Hen.

We will be publishing further Zeroflash Alumni books and collections from herein out and we hope that you enjoy what you read and spread the word about our immensely talented and dedicated writers.

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