September’s Zeroflash Competition


It’s all go here at Zeroflash, but don’t let the Anthology, the interviews, the imminent book suggestion/review section and the general madness distract you from what is important – writing!

This month Zeroflash’s flash fiction competition is going soppy. That’s right, it’s romance, love, smooches behind the bike sheds at school and holding hands with you first boyfriend/girlfriend.

Need more? Here’s a little story –

Once upon a time…there was a romantic 20 year old who, along with his best mate, bought interrail travel tickets and rode the train tracks across europe for a month. One day, somewhere in the middle of their journey, they ended-up in Munich, more specifically, in a camp site on the outskirts – because it was cheap and they had only used that bloody great tent they were hiking around once to date.

Anyway, that first night, while enjoying a few beers and chatting with a few new friends our protagonist (we’ll call him David, just because) happened to glance over the campfire and that’s when their eyes met.

Flirting, playfulness, a reunion in Amsterdam, two years of a long distance relationship, a ten year gap and then another reunion; David and his Brazilian girlfriend, Clarissa finally wed – they had a three legged dog named Priscila, a terror of a daughter called Alexandra and they all lived happily-ever-after in Cambridge, UK.

True story – somewhat abridged.

Now, go forth and bring tears to eyes and make stoney hearts melt.

Just the one submission each per person, please.

300 words, maximum.

Deadline is Midnight GMT on the final day of the month.

Please allow Zeroflash the first opportunity to publish your work. Once the competition is over, feel free to publish anywhere else you like.

Do your best to format as Times New Roman and 12 points please.

Please state if your entry is for the competition in the subject line of your email.

Every month we will decide on the best story and make a showing of it for the world to see. We’ll tell everyone that it’s great and they should admire and praise it…and then we’ll start all over again.

PRIZE: An original illustration of your winning entry from either of our two artists-in-residence, Sophia Johnson or Andrew Howell and £10 from my back pocket.

If you do decide to grace us with your prose, there’s a good chance that at some point (probably a year down the line) we might use it in a ‘best of’ collection. So, be warned, by sending us your stuff, it will/might be published in an outmoded form called paper and as such, you accept this. Should this happen you will be offered the opportunity to buy the book at ‘cost’ + delivery.

Please send your stories to:

Please feel free to add comments and thoughts. We’d welcome your input.


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