Getting into writing – an interview with Jacci Gooding

Jacci Gooding writer

Jacci Gooding is freelance writer, blogger, author open mic/live-lit supporter and has recently become involved with internet radio where she reads and presents. She is a member of a writers group that has published two collections of short stories, and her non-fiction articles have been published in magazines including Warwickshire Life, Kitchen Garden and Four Shires. She is the winner of Writing Magazine’s short horror story competition and this year self-published the first in her shorts series, A Collection of Unsettling Short Stories.


What got you into writing?

Nothing specific – I think I was already in it the moment I was born, I just didn’t know it. Some people paint pictures, others play instruments; I just write and the words come easily. I’m lucky.  I never thought twice about sitting down too ‘write a novel’, I just did it.  It was probably utter rubbish of course, and I wish I still had all my early attempts at writing; I bet they’re hysterical. But I guess you could say writing’s an addiction I was born with. I used to create my own tiny little newspapers, complete the holiday adverts and horoscopes at the back. The sports page was quite short I remember, and possibly bi-annual, consisting mainly of a brief report about a game of football between my brother and a mate, along the lines of ‘Kev scored a goal and then we went home for tea’.

What inspires you?

Everything, anything, curiosity. But especially observation: seeing odd things, over-hearing random comments – current favourite recently heard coming from a garden ‘Oh no! I’ve dropped my guinea pig!’

What makes you write even when the nights are long, your fingers aches and your eyes droop?

Insomnia. And that addiction thing…

Are you a traditionalist (print) or a new-wave (ebook)?

Both. Be silly not to be.  We’ve been creating books in one form or another for millennia and while the new kid on the block is shouting loud and stamping its feet for attention, I think the two, in the end, will settle down and live in harmony.

Do you have a publisher or did you go the self-publishing route?

No publisher, and although I’ve had non-fiction accepted and published in paper magazines, the fiction fun stuff I’ve self-published, and that is addictive, I can tell you! It’s a power thing. That’s not to say you just write it and bang it out there – that’s asking for disaster. Self-publishing has opened doors to all sorts of opportunities, not least meeting other writers who can help and support you. And in returning the favour, you can learn a lot about your own work. Win-win really.

What do you aspire to achieve if you haven’t already and how can ‘we’ help?

Hmm… aspirations…achievements…how about another ‘a’ word – altruism? Better writing, bigger audience, sharing the love, etc etc. An artist creates a picture to show the world, right? It’s not so different for writers. Perhaps we’re all kind people at heart and want to improve the world, one book at a time. All those words, forever being written are, I believe, a social and historical record of our evolution and I think it’s pretty cool to be part of that. And I get a buzz out of reading, as do millions of others; just so happens I get an even bigger buzz out of writing. And thanks to Zeroflash that buzz can be spread across the world, across cultures, across boundaries, in seconds. If ZF is still going a hundred years from now, I wonder how different the stories and their audiences will be. Whatever the answer to that, we’ll still be reading.


 Writers-Online Writing Competition Winner

 Henpicked Short Story – Rain

 A Collection of Unsettling Short Stories

 Cherry Blossom flash fiction

Twitter @JacciGooding

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