Getting into writing – an interview with Christian Kallias

Christian Kallias writer

I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. As my surname suggests, I have Greek roots and often dream of life in Greece. The rest of the time, I plot space operas and fantasy stories at home in Switzerland.

I have always been drawn to imagining my stories in which my utopian aspirations for a better world where humanity shines and evolves toward a higher level of civilization often find their way into my novels. After trying to become a mangaka, a video game creator, an illustrator, and a cd cover artist, I realized along the way that the best medium to express myself was simply through the written word.

I began my career as a system engineer and understand technology very well even though I am more than happy never to have to fix a server again for the rest of my life! With that old life behind, and now living my dream, I am thoroughly enjoying creating storylines and characters that entice the reader to reflect and to ask themselves what if? What if we did things differently? What if we challenged our beliefs? But I won’t imply that I am right with my questioning. I just have these questions and like to share them with my readers. In the end, I write, first and foremost, to entertain. So for a little while, the reader can be transported to other worlds, and I hope they enjoy the ride.



What got you interested in writing?

I have always wanted to tell stories, but up until my first book, I had tried writing comic books/manga. Then I realized that I could tell a more complex story, which was faster than drawing them page by page.

Christian Kallias books - universe in flames

Tell us a little about your chosen genre.

I am fascinated with space and Science Fiction in general. As a teenager, I was forever imagining stories, enjoying video games, and creating various art projects. With my sight always set towards the stars, my novels reflect many of my favorite things, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Stargate. I have fond memories of playing games like Wing Commander, a fact that should be apparent in my depictions of dogfight scenes.

What are your happiest memories in your writing career?

One of the highlights was being able to pass an admired author (Timothy Zahn) in the top 3 ranking of the Galactic Empire category. I’ve admired his books and series and it was amazing to see myself achieve this. Also, Amazon has a ranking system for authors and on my very first published book I made it to the top 2000 ranking out of more than 1 million eBooks. This really put into perspective how much writing was the right avenue and career path for myself, and the right mode for what I want to accomplish with my life.

How do you handle success and failure?

Being an author can be challenging, not only in being isolated, but also reading reviews and not taking comments personally. I do feel like I am blessed as I’ve surpassed my own expectations in selling books and being given the opportunity to write as a full-time career. I feel that failure is part of life and a way to learn from those failures. It can be challenging in the moment to know what those lessons are, but in the long run, I try to keep my feet on the ground and grow with each new challenge or opportunity.

What makes you write when you’re exhausted and your fingers ache?

My readers and fans, first and foremost. I get a lot of email asking when the next book is coming out, which is a tremendous honor to an author. But when I feel stuck, I put on Heavy Metal music, which helps me focus on the task of writing and storytelling.

What is your advice to young and new writers? As much as possible, write every day.  Also, be ready and willing to not just be a writer but a promoter, marketer, etc. and wear multiple hats. In the indie world, just writing and putting it out there is not enough. You have to really focus on marketing and promoting yourself and making contacts.

Are you a traditionalist or a digital? (paper or eBook)

I am a digital person, though I do like paperbacks.

Do you blog?

Yes, I try and blog weekly and have a weekly Captain’s Log that gives my fans and readers insight into what is occurring in my life and what I’m currently working on.

Do you self-publish?

Yes, I self-publish.

If you have a publication or promotion – tell us. I’ve created two trilogies that include my first 6 books of my Universe in Flames series. The first trilogy includes books 1-3 (Earth – Last Sanctuary, Fury to the Stars and Destination Oblivion). The second trilogy includes books 4-6 (The Beginning of the End, Rise of the Ultra Fury, and Shadows of Olympus). They are on special price at $0.99 each or FREE with Kindle Unlimited. These versions contain the latest edits and proofreads from the series with a new cover for each trilogy.

PS – Soon, the second trilogy will be raised to $3.99. The first trilogy will remain at $0.99, for a while longer.


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