Getting into writing – an interview with Nick Younker

Nick Younker

Nick Younker has spent over fifteen years working in local and national media. After transitioning from television to online journalism, he honed in on his lifelong love of horror entertainment and blended it with his unique abilities as a writer.

He is the father of two children and has spent most of his life in Southern Indiana, excluding 3 years in Atlanta while working with Turner Entertainment.

You can catch up with him on Twitter at @NYounker, or on his website,, where he publishes his daily news articles about updates in the horror, sci-fi and entertainment industry.




What got you into writing?

It was really by mistake. Although I was a notorious reader, I wanted to be a print journalist. I worked as a news writer in the television industry for nearly a decade and found that my talents were being underused. So I left the industry and started writing for online news publications.

After over a thousand articles ranging from domestic politics to film reviews, I decided to put my grammatical skills to better use by immortalizing fiction in print and e-book. One thing led to another and now I have published eight different titles, all of which have enjoyed moderate to elevated success rates.

What inspires you?

The plight of the working-class. One hundred years ago, just before the Great Depression, the working-class could make a great living and earn sustainable wages. Poverty had stricken men and women of color in those days, but now, poverty does not discriminate.

I am inspired by the lengths that the working-class go to just to survive, feed a family and struggle to live in this world defined by material possessions. I consider myself among the working class and I am proud of my brothers and sisters who struggle. My success is their success – and vice-versa.

What makes you write even when the nights are long, your fingers ache and your eyes droop?

Nothing. I do not write if I feel that way. Creating fiction should not be the chore that it’s been made out to be. If you have a great story to tell, then you do it. There’s no such thing as aching fingers or drooping eyes. I write the same way I sleep – when it’s time to do it.

Are you a traditionalist (print) or a new-wave (ebook)?

Although I did succumb to the vanity of having a book in print with my first novel, I have never printed another one of my stories. Mostly because I have been focusing on short stories, but also because I have found the e-reader to be the greatest technological advancement in recent history and it has given me such joy to use it. I only offer my fiction in e-book format now.

Do you have a publisher or did you go the self-publishing route?

Well, a little of both. I created my own website, Fogstow Jamison Press, and I publish under that organizational name. The website is a publisher of all things horror and dark fiction. As I previously mentioned, I am also a news writer, so I publish news articles everyday on the website and advertise the books published by Fogstow Jamison Press in every article. It gets about 90,000 hits a month, so I must be doing something right.

What do you aspire to achieve if you haven’t already and how can ‘we’ help?

I don’t believe in achievements, but rather prefer the phrase, “in-progress.” If everything I do is progressive, then I don’t achieve nothing until my moment of death. It’s called a lifetime and it wouldn’t have been in vain if I spent it doing things that made me happy.


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