Getting into writing – an interview with Casey Kimberly


Casey Kimberly is an emerging writer and playwright, living in New York. The New Yorker, Penguin Random House and Broadway are places Casey would like to see her work lauded. Right now, she is probably drinking beer and writing about you.

What got you interested in writing?

Do you remember diagramming sentences in grade school? Everyone hated it, but I adored it. Every word is something other than itself, and each one has a specific place where it fits. What’s more interesting than that? (Don’t answer that. You’ll make me feel like a goofy kid in school again.)

Words are magical, and writers are magicians who cast spells of wonder.
I want nothing more than to pull rabbits out of hats and have readers go, “Ooh! How’d she do that?”

Tell us a little about your chosen genre.

Fiction and Drama (playwriting) chose me. Satire, absurdity, humor, and sex are common themes. I like to lead overlooked elephants from rooms and parade them right down fucking Main Street.
For instance, I wrote a play about a Navy SEAL with erectile dysfunction. ED is not a taboo subject, but identity crises that accompany it are rarely discussed. Did you know that some men who experience ED consider suicide? Think about that!

What are your happiest memories in your writing career?

Career? Ha! Being a writer is who and what I am, but I have no career in writing. If someone would pay me to be a fulltime writer, oh baby, that would lead to glorious memories, and probably alcoholism. Professional writers drink. A lot. So, it’s best I keep my job and write when I can. Anyway, I work for nuns at a Catholic college. They all keep whisky in their desks. I can drink when I want.

What is your advice to young and new writers?

  1. Get a free WordPress account, where you can post your stuff and engage with other writers. Publishers and producers need to find you. Make it easy for them.
  2. Don’t get hung up on writing a completely original story. There is no such thing. Every tale is just another version of Beowulf. No one can tell it like you, though.
  3. Try deadline writing. You might write some of your best stuff when under pressure. For instance, Zeroflash posts a monthly prompt and asks for 300 words max. Do it! You’ll be amazed at what you can churn out. Then post that shit on your WordPress account!

Do you blog?

I do most of my blogging in 140 characters or less.

‘Hi. I’m @CaseyKimberly. I’m a Twitter addict. DM me. I always respond. Well, almost always. I did not respond to this recent DM. Yet.’


Do you self-publish?

Nope, but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t.

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