The zeroflash anthology is nearly here…

Dodo illustration by Sophia Johnson for zeroflash

You’ve been waiting and you’ll have to wait a little longer, but here is the list of those that will be featured in the first ever, Zeroflash anthology and the illustrated front cover by long term colleague, Sophia Johnson.

Not long now.

We’re also pleased to announce that the interactivity within the E-book will allow for those pieces performed by voice artist Elijah Lucien and his team to be listened to also.

A devilish delivery by David J.Wing

Just Us Two by Munira Sayyid

0.4% Male by Janelle Hardacre

Nine and Counting by Cath Barton

The Fractured Library by Mark Sadler

Once in a lifetime by Danny Beusch

One thing always stays the same by Myrto Zafeiridi

Trouble by Kelly Griffiths

Just don’t say you’re a witch by Sandra Arnold

The Mere Seller by Chloe Gilholy

A Sign of Life by Carol Rosalind Smith

Off the rails by Paul Thompson

Malik by Christopher Stanley

Spit Roasting by Barbara Renel

The Creation of an Idol by Michael Carter

Trolling for Freedom by Taye Carrol

The Keeper of the Light by Lee Hamblin

A WITCH’S FLAME by Claire L. Smith

Old MacDonald by Bibi Hamblin

The Book Pimp, or I don’t know what to call this to not sound metaphorical

by Alex Salinas

Run, Ruby Run! by Alyson Faye

Safer Streets by Steve Lodge

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