Zeroflash Anthology Update

Hi to all our contributors for the inaugural Zeroflash Anthology of Flash Fiction. It’s delayed. You likely figured that out. Massive apologies. Work, designer obligations, babies and other mitigating circumstances mean that we are looking at April 2018 for the launch. I know it’s not what you want to read, but in the interests of […]

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Getting into writing – an interview with Jesse Stanchak of Micro Flash Fiction

I’m Jesse Stanchak, and I run Micro Flash Fiction (@MicroFlashFic), a Twitter account that publishes 3 pieces of tweet-length fiction per day in a variety of genres. I’m a journalist by training but these days my day job is in marketing. Why did you start your publication? I’ve been writing since I was four. My […]

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Getting into writing – an interview with Daniel of Grindstone Lit

Daniel studied Creative Writing at University, and works full time as a freelance writer and editor, working in both Fiction and Nonfiction. He’s been published as both a ghostwriter, and under his own name, and founded Grindstone Literary Services alongside friend and partner Nathan. Since then, they’ve dedicated themselves to helping others develop their writing […]

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Zeroflash March Competition Entries

Tonight’s Entertainment Ryan Yarber @YarberWrites He opened his eyes to see a bulky, metal globe floating above him. The sphere turned to reveal drawn-on eyes and large, endless smile that filled the surface. “Hello friend,” the metal face said, its eyes unblinking. “Where am I?” he groaned. “You’re at the best place this side of […]

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