February’s Zeroflash Flashfiction Competition

Hello everyone.

This month’s Zeroflash competition is on the theme of… Family.

I’ve been lucky enough to marry a wonderful woman and my daughter, while being a terror, is the reason I try so very hard to keep this site alive. I want her to see that while Daddy might have to work hard elsewhere, here, here he can help other to create something special and smile when reading the results.

The genre is entirely yours to own.

Just the one submission each per month, please.

Please send your stories to: zerofiction000@gmail.com

Deadline is Midnight GMT on the final day of the month – January this time.

Do your best to format as Times New Roman and 12 points please.

If you are submitting a Stand Alone entry – separate to the monthly competition, please say so in your email. Likewise, if you are submitting for the monthly competition, let us know.

Every month we will decide on the best story and make a showing of it for the world to see. We’ll tell everyone that it’s great and they should admire and praise it…and then we’ll start all over again.

If you do decide to grace us with your prose, there’s a good chance that at some point (probably a year down the line) we might use it in a ‘best of’ collection. So, be warned, by sending us your stuff, it will/might be published in an outmoded form called paper and as such, you accept this. Should this happen you will be offered the opportunity to buy the book at ‘cost’ + delivery.

Annoying Disclaimer:

By entering the competition, entrants (or guest judges for a particular competition) together with any other member of the public involved hereby agree to be bound by these rules as amended from time to time, and by any competition instructions.

By submitting to this publication you accept that Zeroflash shall have the following rights over all entries:- worldwide licence to first publication; and a non-exclusive licence to publish, syndicate, distribute, reproduce and exploit the material in all present media and formats.

Zeroflash will not be liable for any circumstances beyond its reasonable control that prevent the competition being fulfilled, a winner or winners being chosen, or any prize being taken up or fully enjoyed by a winner.

You understand that some formatting amends may take place. You also accept that publication can take some time once submitted.

For the prompt-inspired competitions we only accept original submissions. If you decide to withdraw your entry, you understand that this will take place after the competition has finished and, Zeroflash reserves the right to 60 working days once the correct piece is identified to remove the submitted material.

Entries must be made in accordance with the competition instructions. They are invalid if they are received any later than the specified closing time (which shall be London date and time).

Zeroflash reserve the right to publish the names of the competitors, winners and runners-up, and the winning entries themselves, and all winners are required to give their full co-operation to all requests by Zeroflash.

The decision of the judge is final. The identity of the Judge may be given in the competition instructions.

We reserve the right to cancel or amend the competition prizes at any time.

Content published on this site may not represent the views of the publisher.

It is the responsibility of entrants to keep themselves informed as to any updates of these rules, and they acknowledge that any failure to comply with these rules could lead to their disqualification without reasons being given or opportunity for challenge.

Please feel free to add comments and thoughts. We’d welcome your input.


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