Zero Art

Zeroflash Art Many writing sites use illustrations for their monthly issues,  just as any print publication would. Here at ZeroFlash we have decided to alter our logo/header each month. For the foreseeable future, those images will come courtesy of our Artist-in-Residence: Sophia Johnson. Scroll down to see her contributions to the ZeroFlash site. September Logo 2018 […]

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Zeroflash Winners Page

Zeroflash Winner’s Page August 2018 Results 1st Place “Square Peg” By E. L. Appleby This story has it all: heart, humor, and body horror. Somehow, Appleby manages to deftly balance these elements, the end result being a story that has you hooked from the very first paragraph, when you first learn about the “P word”. […]

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May’s Zeroflash Competition Entries

May’s Competition Mermaid’s Dream by Boris Glikman  From our anthropocentric perspective, we automatically assume that every mermaid’s dream is to shed her fishy tail and become a full woman. The reality, however, is that they dream of shedding their human upper halves and becoming a completely marine creature. If this seems to be rather implausible, […]

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August’s Zeroflash Entries

  Shadows of the Night by Thomas Joyce It was dark out, just past midnight. Donny had chased the last of the little pricks off half an hour before, but he still had to close down the arcade. He didn’t see the shadows on the street. The brats sure loved that new Ms. Pac-Man game. […]

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June’s Zeroflash Entries

Game Night by Vicente L Ruiz @VicenteLRuiz “Game night at my place.” Well, not really your best option, since you know she lives with her mother and siblings, one boy and another girl. But you like board games, and you also really do like Anne, so you say yes. And there you go. It turns […]

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October Flash Fiction Entries

Lovely Dinner, Dear by KF Williams The ungodly stench of singed flesh entangled with the fragrance of fresh herbs enticed Mirka to have a second helping. The louder she screamed the more his ragged mouth overflowed with saliva. The muffled shrieks made him crave more. His mistress watched and smiled as he enjoyed his birthday […]

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