May’s Zeroflash Competition Entries

May’s Competition Mermaid’s Dream by Boris Glikman  From our anthropocentric perspective, we automatically assume that every mermaid’s dream is to shed her fishy tail and become a full woman. The reality, however, is that they dream of shedding their human upper halves and becoming a completely marine creature. If this seems to be rather implausible, […]

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May’s Zeroflash Competition

Hi all. This month we’re all at sea. Any genre you like: children’s gothic, pirate adventure, ghost story, romance, fantasy, sci-fi…the world is your oyster! Same rules as ever though. Just the one submission each per person, please. 300 words, maximum. Deadline is Midnight GMT on the final day of the month. Please allow Zeroflash […]

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Getting into writing – an interview with Célia Schouteden of Peculiars Magazine

Peculiars magazine is a platform created with the aim of bringing awareness around mental health, through art. We showcase artists from all over the world: some are photographers, some are poets, some are illustrators, some are writers,… but they all have one thing in common: they’re fighting their demons. They’re survivors. Why did you start […]

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Getting into writing – an interview with N.A. Turner of Turner Stories

On, writer N.A. Turner shares one short story every month, accompanied by an illustration. The stories can be described as a mix between Black Mirror meets The Brothers Grimm. These stories are places where reality meets fantasy. From a magic tree, technology gone bad, societies shaken to time travel. The stories are also featured […]

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