The Artist Returns

We are so very pleased to announce that from this month going forward, Zeroflash will be honoured to publish artwork by both new Artist-in-Residence, Andrew Howell and welcome back former Artist-in-Residence, Sophia Johnson to the fold. The pair, given their own obligations have graciously agreed to share the work, alternating months from here on out. Andrew […]

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Our New Artist-in-Residence

Zeroflash are overjoyed to welcome our new Artist-in-Residence, Andrew Howell. Andrew won out inaugural Zero Art competition last year and has graciously agreed to take-over from our previous Artist-n-Residence, Sophia Johnson. We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Sophia for all her hard and talented work. Her contribution to […]

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June’s Zeroflash Guest Judge

We’d like to congratulate last month’s winner and thank him for taking on the Guest Judging duties for June. Frank Trautman is a freelance writer, researcher, and scientist currently based in Atlanta. At night, he soars above the city on wings of whiskey and dreams. That’s him, now. Perched on the hood of a Buick […]

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June’s Zeroflash Entries

Jailbird by Cath Barton @CathBarton1 I was whizzing round just fine in my wee sports car, speculating and accumulating and then, just because I’m a bit too nifty with my throws, I’m banged up in jail! Stuck in there while there’s some fella on a horse turning up at my properties and I can’t get […]

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June’s Zeroflash Competition

Over the last couple of months we’ve been using genre as our inspiration; Sci-Fi, Horror – well this month, we’re taking a step into the realm of board games. Yep, you read it right. Think ‘Game of Life’, ‘Monopoly’, ‘Jenga’, ‘Candyland’, even ‘Ouija’, whatever inspires you. Just the one submission each per person, please. 300 […]

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May’s Zeroflash Guest Judge

This month’s zeroflash guest judge is Ben Marie, winner of last month’s competition. Wish his the best of luck judging the entries for May. Ben is a Western Australian enjoying the escape and creativity of writing after the daily grind, mostly short stories which always seem to turn out as either horror or humour. Also […]

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