May’s Logo/Art

This month’s piece is inspired by a story I wrote a little while ago and while I was happy with my writing, I absolutely adore this image. Thanks as always to artist-in-residence – Sophia Johnson.

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First Zeroflash Art Competition

This month Zeroflash wants your art! Well, this month and next. For those of you out there that want their works showcased and admired – that’ll be all of you I’m guessing, why not enter the Zeroflash Art Competition? We want illustrations, paintings, finger puppets, whatever. The only snag, they need to be inspired by […]

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April’s Logo

For the period of April, Zeroflash has gone creepy. Thanks again to artist, Sophia Johnson for her thoughts and styling. If this inspires you in any way, we’d love to hear from you.

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Our new Logo

This is Wolfie, isn’t he cute. Best not to ask where he found that scrap of red cloak. Every month, our artist in residence, Sophia Johnson, will create and craft a startling piece of artwork to grace our Logo/Header. We thank her and look forward to many future fictions.  

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February Entries

Crawling by Alex Ruczaj @alexruczaj ‘I don’t like it. It’s too remote. Too many spiders.’ That was what I told him when we looked around this old farmhouse. ‘Well it’s ours now,’ he said. ‘We’re taking over!’ But I knew, they wouldn’t let us. I knew from the strange thickness of the cobwebs in every […]

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February’s Guest Judge

This month’s judge is the illustrious, Cath Barton (@CathBarton1)- singer, writer and photographer. We are honoured to have her take part. Here are her thoughts on February’s competition: “I’m delighted to be this month’s guest judge on Zero Flash and looking forward to your strange fictions. David has given some great images to get your […]

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