April’s Zeroflash Competition

This month’s theme is the mystical. I’m thinking Genies, Sirens, deep sea beasties and the like. Transport your imaginations back, before the internet and rollerskates, before elevators and speedboats or not. Place your beasties somewhere different and let’s see what you create. Just the one submission each per person, please. 300 words, maximum. Deadline is […]

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January’s Zeroflash Entries

Asimov’s Nightmare by Christopher Moltzau With a self-inflicted pause to the panted breaths he hugged the broken wall, as the red light from what he fled took to light the world around him. His eyes grew wide, as his heart drummed in a panicked flutter and sweat took to drench his skin and his favorite […]

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December’s Zeroflash entries

Why Santa Went To An Adult? by Chloe Gilholy It’s the night before Christmas, mince pies by the fire, I wonder if Santa will grant my desire? Ashton’s at work: full of dedication, I hope St. Nicholas gives him attention. Neighbours snuggle up in bed, wine spills around their heads. And Becca’s cleaning up all […]

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