July Flash Fiction Competition

This month sees our one year anniversary and to mark it, along with our announcement that here on out, we will grace the winner with the mammoth sum of £10, we are looking for your best and most original monster stories. Big Foot, the Yeti. Loch Ness Monsters and Beast of Moors Bodmin and beyond. […]

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May Competition

    This month our competition is all about abandoned futures. You can be as literal or as fantastic as you like. I’ve always loved images like these, they have that melancholy and dreamlike state that begs for their stories to be told. 300 Words. Aim for Times New Roman and 12 points if you would […]

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March Guest Judge

Our guest judge this March is the winner of February’s competition, Jill Hand @jillhand1_gef It is our great pleasure that she accepted the challenge and will bring her talents to bear judging you, or at least, judging your work. We look forward to her verdicts.    

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October Competition Entries

Walking the Plank by Tuppybee @Tuppybee I always avoid hitchhikers, a woman of my age shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. But the girl looks so vulnerable, shivering, and not like any trouble at all. “Where are you going love, in this godawful weather?” “To my Dad’s,” she says, such a pretty face smothered by an overlarge […]

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October Competition

After the success of our September comp, we’ve got something seasonal. Halloween is just around the corner and I found this photo (taken by a friend of mine, Charlotte ‘Shug’ Riordan) and thought it might inspire some ghostly and haunting tales. So, this month, I want to be scared! 300 words maximum. If you do […]

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September Competition Entries

Action! by Tuppybee @Tuppybee In his younger days, Sir Godzilla, or Zilla, as he preferred to be called, was renowned for his interpretations of Shakespeare’s legendary fallen heroes. He was the first lizard ever to play Othello, bringing a subtlety to the characterisation only a true outsider could. And as for his Hamlet, well it […]

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September Competition

This month’s competition is a genre one. Science fiction or fantasy, take your pick. 300 words, inspired by this naughty creature and his gnome munching ways. A beginning, middle and end. Push yourself. See Submissions Page for further details and as ever, have fun. If you need any further inspiration, just listen to this.

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