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Zeroflash Art

Many writing sites use illustrations for their monthly issues,  just as any print publication would. Here at ZeroFlash we have decided to alter our logo/header each month.

For the foreseeable future, those images will come courtesy of our Artist-in-Residence: Sophia Johnson.

Scroll down to see her contributions to the ZeroFlash site.

March Logo 2018 by Andrew Howell

Mountains of Madness by Andrew Howell

February’s Winning Entry by Donna L.Greenwood – Illustrated by Andrew Howell

Andrew Howell

January’s Winning Entry by Alex. L Williams – Illustrated by Jon Stubbington

Jon Stubbington - Alive

January Logo 2018 part 1 by Sophia Johnson

Asimov's Nightmare - Sophia Johnson

January Logo 2018 part 2 by Andrew Howell

zeros from ones

December’s Winning Entry by Irene Montaner – Illustrated by Andrew Howell.

santa baby small

December Logo 2017 by Jon Stubbington

Jon Stubbington - December Logo 2

November Logo 2017 by Andrew Howell

Arcadia Zero Flash

October (2nd) Logo 2017 by Sophia Johnson

zeroflash tarotcards by Sophia Johnson

October’s Winning Entry

Illustrated by Andrew Howell and based on the story ‘Scavenger’ by Patrick Widdess.


October Logo 2017 by Jon Stubbington

Jon Stubbington - Logo 1

September Logo 2017 by Andrew Howell

ZeroManga by Andrew Howell

August Logo 2017 by Sophia Johnson

Tube Station,

July Logo 2017 by Andrew Howell

Zero Flash beat em Up

June Logo 2017

‘2001-2010’ by Andrew Howell

Zeroflash flashfiction header

May’s Winning Entry

‘Ten-thousand Spoons’ by F.Trautman, illustration by writer-in-residence, Sophia Johnson

Ten-thousand Spoons

May Logo 2017

‘Balloon’ by Sophia Johnson


April’s Winning Entry

‘The Cellar’ by Ben Marie, illustrated by writer-in-residence, Sophia Johnson

The Cellar

April Logo 2017

‘Shelter Cove’ by Sophia Johnson

Shelter Cove

March’s Winning Entry

‘Troll Farming in Bergen’ by Chris Stanley, illustrated by writer-in-residence, Sophia Johnson

Troll Farming in Bergen

March Logo 2017

‘Monster Line-Up’ by Sophia Johnson

Monster Line-Up by Sophia Johnson

February’s Winning Entry

Away from it all‘ by Jade Mitchell, illustrated by writer-in-residence, Sophia Johnson

'Away from it all' by Jade Mitchell by Sophia Johnson

January Logo 2017

‘Road Warrior’

Road Warrior by Sophia Johnson

December Logo 2016

‘Kringle Vs Krampus’


November Winner’s Illustration



October Winner’s Illustration



November Logo 2016

‘A walk in the woods’

A walk in the woods by Sophia Johnson for

August Winner’s Illustration

‘A New Arrival’

A New Arrival by Sophia Johnson for

October Logo 2016


Cthulhu by Sophia Johnson

September 2016

‘White Lodge’

'White Lodge' by Sophia Johnson

July Winner’s Illustration

#Zeroflash July Competition Winner

August 2016

‘Station Spook’

'Station Spook' by Sophia Johnson

June Winner’s Illustration

‘Cathedral Crow’

'Cathedral Crow' - Illustration by Sophia Johnson, based on an original story by Alyson Faye

July Logo 2016

‘Monsters of the Deep’

monsters of the deep

June Logo 2016


Flora II

May Logo 2016

‘They’re Watching’

theyre watching

April Logo 2016



March Logo 2016




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