Getting into writing – an interview with Bram Stoker nominee, Jeremy C. Shipp

Jeremy C. Shipp is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of CURSED and the creator of the comic book series GLOBCOW. His shorter tales have appeared in over 70 publications including ChiZine, Pseudopod, Apex Magazine, and Shroud Magazine. What got you interested in writing? Years ago, while visiting a science exhibit during a school field trip, […]

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April’s Zeroflash Competition

This month’s theme is the mystical. I’m thinking Genies, Sirens, deep sea beasties and the like. Transport your imaginations back, before the internet and rollerskates, before elevators and speedboats or not. Place your beasties somewhere different and let’s see what you create. Just the one submission each per person, please. 300 words, maximum. Deadline is […]

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Getting into writing – an interview with Sarah James

Sarah James/S.A. Leavesley is an award-winning poet, fiction writer, journalist and photographer. Overton Poetry Prize winner 2015, she is author of four poetry collections, three poetry pamphlets, a touring poetry-play and two novellas. Her poetry has won or been shortlisted for many prizes, with individual poems published by the Financial Times, the Guardian, The Forward Book of Poetry […]

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Zeroflash Anthology Update

Hi to all our contributors for the inaugural Zeroflash Anthology of Flash Fiction. It’s delayed. You likely figured that out. Massive apologies. Work, designer obligations, babies and other mitigating circumstances mean that we are looking at April 2018 for the launch. I know it’s not what you want to read, but in the interests of […]

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