A new partener

Over the last two years Zeroflash has been proud to be a part of the flash fiction community. We began with no prizes, then added a free illustration, then £10 and now, to increase the Grand Prize even further Zeroflash can announce that they are now partnered with Uprising Review. The guys at Uprising (@uprisingstories) […]

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July’s Zeroflash Entries

Six characters in search of a story by Cath Barton @CathBarton1 “I’m a milkmaid,” said the girl in the dirndl dress. “Don’t be ridiculous darling” said a woman wearing shades and red patent shoes with three inch heels.  “Heidi’s been done. And anyway, this is going to be an adult read,” she said, opening her […]

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The Artist Returns

We are so very pleased to announce that from this month going forward, Zeroflash will be honoured to publish artwork by both new Artist-in-Residence, Andrew Howell and welcome back former Artist-in-Residence, Sophia Johnson to the fold. The pair, given their own obligations have graciously agreed to share the work, alternating months from here on out. Andrew […]

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Our New Artist-in-Residence

Zeroflash are overjoyed to welcome our new Artist-in-Residence, Andrew Howell. Andrew won out inaugural Zero Art competition last year and has graciously agreed to take-over from our previous Artist-n-Residence, Sophia Johnson. We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Sophia for all her hard and talented work. Her contribution to […]

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