May’s Zeroflash Competition

This month’s competition is a Science Fiction romp! I’m after 300 words of flash fiction hedonism. Action, adventure, heck, sorcery if you like. Cross genres; it can be romantic if you like, suspenseful, maybe even horrific if you’re still in the mood. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to make this month’s […]

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April Guest Judge

Following on from last month’s win Sian Brighal will be donning the judge’s wig this for april and casting her expert eye over your entries. Best of luck to all. Sian is an ex-Chemistry teacher experimenting in writing, melding her love of science with whatever unsuspecting story plot catches her eye. She also likes to draw: an incurable doodler. […]

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March’s Zeroflash Competition

This month’s competition is inspired by the wonders of 1980’s TV and the…Plasma Ball! Remember The Goonies? We want your inspired words about new opportunities and a life full of chances. Be as creative and fantastic as you possibly can. Just the one submission each per person, please. 300 words, maximum. Deadline is Midnight GMT […]

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February’s Zeroflash Entries

A stew to die for by Myrto Zafeiridi He was lost in a forest so dark and thick that the tree-tops seemed to weave a canopy underneath the sky. He was hungry and tired –his horse had abandoned him in a moment of carelessness. It had sniffed the air with distaste and had wisely, perhaps, […]

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February’s Zeroflash Competition

Hello everyone. Well Winter’s gone and the weather is warming. That’s nothing to do with this month’s competition, but it’s nice to think about. So, this month we’re going under…under the bridge. Not Red Hot Chili Peppers and certainly not the All Saints (a reference for the UK entrants only no doubt). No, I’m talking […]

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