February’s Guest Judge

Zeroflash would like welcome January’s winner to our growing list of guest judges. We wish her well and hope she has fun rading the entries this month. Jade Mitchell is a South African living in Oxford, trying not to embarrass her countrymen and failing frequently. She’s been writing short stories since she was old enough […]

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February’s Zeroflash Entries

A stew to die for by Myrto Zafeiridi He was lost in a forest so dark and thick that the tree-tops seemed to weave a canopy underneath the sky. He was hungry and tired –his horse had abandoned him in a moment of carelessness. It had sniffed the air with distaste and had wisely, perhaps, […]

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February’s Zeroflash Competition

Hello everyone. Well Winter’s gone and the weather is warming. That’s nothing to do with this month’s competition, but it’s nice to think about. So, this month we’re going under…under the bridge. Not Red Hot Chili Peppers and certainly not the All Saints (a reference for the UK entrants only no doubt). No, I’m talking […]

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January’s Zeroflash Entries

23rd and 8th by Jessica Bonder   Thank God for Fred, who saved my mother in the 23rd and 8th subway station, local stop on the blue line (C-E), train-struck Patricia Elizabeth might as well been, for all the fear in her eyes, looking like a trapped animal, steel-barred, turnstyle-stuck, swiping and re-swiping a single […]

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