October’s Zeroflash Entries

  Cold Patch by Sherry M @Uksherka In unguarded moments, the call catches me, making me shiver. If I close my eyes, I see huge Highland clouds and the clear, calm loch, its surface mirroring the sky. I see Nana and Gramps, and summer holidays. Sometimes we’re having a picnic near the loch-shore, sometimes we’re […]

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March Zeroflash Entries

Who Knew? by Susan Cornford Carley crouched on the floor and listened to bullets slam into the wall behind her. Someone must have compromised the motel safe-house. Why had she followed Jake into that alley while he bought drugs? Was it lack of excitement in her middle-class life or some kind of death wish? Questions […]

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February’s Zeroflash Competition

Hello everyone. Well Winter’s gone and the weather is warming. That’s nothing to do with this month’s competition, but it’s nice to think about. So, this month we’re going under…under the bridge. Not Red Hot Chili Peppers and certainly not the All Saints (a reference for the UK entrants only no doubt). No, I’m talking […]

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October’s Zeroflash Competition

‘Cthulhu’ by Sophia Johnson As this month is Halloween, it seems appropriate to revel in the horror. To that end, this month’s Zeroflash, flash fiction competition is calling for your most gruesome, depraved, diabolical, demented, distasteful, psychological and terrifying works. If you can incite a series of pant wetting events, likely as not, you’ll win. […]

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