Getting into writing – an interview with Richard Webb (@RaW_writing)

A bit about me: I’m a UK-based writer of fantasy and SF fiction and short stories. I’ve written several novels and I’m in the submission stage. I’ve had short stories accepted by SF publications and my story ‘A God’s Mercy’ won the 2016 Remastered Words audio anthology competition. I also co-write screenplays with my best […]

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An interview with Connor Lucey, editor of The Absurdist

The Absurdist is a small monthly periodical of absurdist flash fiction and illustrations, printed and distributed in Portland, Oregon and shared digitally around the world. Twitter: @absurdistmag Facebook: @absurdistmag Connor Lucey is publisher and editor-in-chief of The Absurdist. He published the literary and arts anthology Doc Patrick’s Journal: (Volume 1) in Oakland in 2014. […]

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Our New Artist-in-Residence

Zeroflash are overjoyed to welcome our new Artist-in-Residence, Andrew Howell. Andrew won out inaugural Zero Art competition last year and has graciously agreed to take-over from our previous Artist-n-Residence, Sophia Johnson. We would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Sophia for all her hard and talented work. Her contribution to […]

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June’s Zeroflash Guest Judge

We’d like to congratulate last month’s winner and thank him for taking on the Guest Judging duties for June. Frank Trautman is a freelance writer, researcher, and scientist currently based in Atlanta. At night, he soars above the city on wings of whiskey and dreams. That’s him, now. Perched on the hood of a Buick […]

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