October’s Zeroflash Competition

‘Cthulhu’ by Sophia Johnson As this month is Halloween, it seems appropriate to revel in the horror. To that end, this month’s Zeroflash, flash fiction competition is calling for your most gruesome, depraved, diabolical, demented, distasteful, psychological and terrifying works. If you can incite a series of pant wetting events, likely as not, you’ll win. […]

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Want to be published?

It doesn’t matter what you dream-up, where your imagination leads you or what you put on the page. If you aren’t willing to click SUBMIT and press SEND, your work, your time and your inventiveness will never see the light of day. What’s the worst that can happen? “I don’t like it!” So what?! Click […]

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September Flash Fiction Entries

Nothing by E.Longmore She stood on the edge of somewhere and it was dark no stars just scudding clouds toes gripping needles and blades of damp grass. Eyes closed she could smell dirt and stone and moss. Could hear and feel the wind screaming and roaring and purring curling round and through her ears. Eyes […]

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