Getting into writing – an interview with Ion “Nuke” Newcombe of Antipodean SF

Nuke is the editor and publisher of AntipodeanSF, Australia’s longest running online speculative fiction magazine, regularly issued since January 1998. He has been a zealous reader and occasional writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror since his childhood in the 1960s. “Nuke”, lives in the New South Wales North Coast holiday destination of Nambucca Heads, […]

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January’s Zeroflash Entries

Asimov’s Nightmare by Christopher Moltzau With a self-inflicted pause to the panted breaths he hugged the broken wall, as the red light from what he fled took to light the world around him. His eyes grew wide, as his heart drummed in a panicked flutter and sweat took to drench his skin and his favorite […]

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