Zeroflash Blog Advertising

Zeroflash is a flash fiction, creative writing competition, designed to highlight the talents of writers young and old. The site is themed on a monthly basis and entrants are invited to submit a free entry of 300, written solely by themselves for the chance to win ten pounds and an illustration of their winning story.

The site has been running since 2015 and in that time has seen monthly traffic rise to over 2,000 views and visitors approach 1,000. In its’ two years, Zeroflash has attracted a dedicated and varied following, with engaged readers and writers living in Britain, Australia, Russia and the United States and more.

Opportunities to sponsor or advertise on this site are limited to businesses/companies and government entities that complement the established persona of the website.

Sponsored posts should be provided by the advertiser and word count should be no higher than 600 words. Sponsored posts will be listed as such.

Flat rate per sponsored post – £100

Posts will be shared via social media (Twitter – 3,300 following) up to 5 times per month of the posting.

Advertisers will be listed on a dedicated sponsorship page on the website.

All rates are subject to change on a monthly basis based on increased traffic and brand awareness.

Ebook and print publications are available to be sponsored also.